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Founded in 2001, the International PLATFORM Contemporary Theater has enriched the area of contemporary European drama. As a project series with cooperating partners throughout Europe, the PLATFORM initiates workshops with authors, translators and directors, as well as translations of theatrical works, readings, premiere performances and guest productions.

As the primary initiator of the International Platform for Contemporary Theatre, the German ITI Centre is once again responsible for the overall coordination of the already running Platform as well as the third round.

After the start in June 2004 of the second Platform in conjunction with the Translator's Workshop in Mülheim, 2005 the first readings of translations of works from Hungary, Rumania, Portugal and France were featured. The readings were being presented during the ICDE working meeting in partnership with Essen‘s Schauspiel and the Mülheim Festival.

The Translator's Workshop in 2005 was also the point of departure for the third Platform, which focused not only on contemporary German drama, but also on theatre from Englishspeaking Canada and the Netherlands as well as Flemish theatre.




The Arts Foundation of the Federal States and the Canadian Embassy in Berlin have supported the third PLATFORM.

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