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International theatre workshop presented by the ITI

Bonn, 10. – 30. 6. 2002

Cultural exchange today is being realised against a background of radicalised political and cultural internationalism. Set against fluctuating and dynamic prejudicial structures, sharpening interrelations are leaving their mark on dialogue, reciprocal questioning and confrontation. Cultural exchange is nothing other than the struggle for a relationship based on dialogue.

The ITI through its festival Theater der Welt was initiating a coming together of artists from Al Mashriq and the German-speaking cultural arena. Invited are two international touring and workshop groups, who brought and presented symbols, pictures, masks, themes, materials, myths and stories important to the prevailing cultural context of the participants. Using modern material and contemporary theatrical form to create rapprochement, the aim was to gently shed light on and open up areas potentially obscured by prejudice and systems, to the mutual benefit of the participants.

Workshop modules:

  • Acting workshops (2 groups of 10-14 people) working on material and (contemporary) plays brought by the workshop leaders. (Timespan: 10.06. – 30.06.02)
  • Public presentation of the resulting work
  • Two guest performances (Elias Khoury/Rabih Mroueh, Lebanon, and Amir Reza Koohestani, Iran)
  • Public symposium/Platform Discussions
    with theatre professionals, authors, translators, critics and directors.
    Themes: Politics in the theatre: new drama: the shape and limitations of exchange; experiences of cooperation; censorship and self-censorship.

Time and Place: Bonn, 26.-30.06.2002

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