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The last edition of the festival Theater der Welt ("Theatre of the World") took place from June 30st till July17th 2010 in Muelheim an der Ruhr and Essen (Germany) - under the artistic direction of Roberto Ciulli (Theater an der Ruhr) and Anselm Weber (Schauspiel Essen) curated by Frie Leysen.



Theater der Welt was founded by the International Theatre Institute as a biannual festival in 1981 and became triannual in 1993. Each festival takes place in a different city to its predecessor and with a different artistic director.

Previous festivals include Cologne (1981), Frankfurt am Main (1985), Stuttgart (1987), Hamburg (1989), Essen (1991), Munich (1983), Dresden (1996), Berlin (1999), Cologne/Bonn/Düsseldorf/Duisburg (2002), Stuttgart (2005), and Halle (2008).

Theater der Welt is the only regular theatre festival in Germany whose principal objective is to present theatre from around the world. It seeks out fresh, vibrant, new theatre which is capable of offering audiences insights into other theatre cultures and aesthetic developments, which it presents to a broad spectrum of the public, both from Germany and beyond.


International Theatre Institute (ITI) Germany - Programme

Academy for Inter-Generational Vision
3 - 10 July 2010

Artists are invited to an international academy to look at the specifics of theatre with and for children. Up until now directors, authors and choreographers have worked principally for an 'adult' audience, now they are looking at the different aspects of writing and producing for children. Using the background of individual artistic work whilst looking towards a young audience, the Labs offer time and space to consider questions of material, aesthetics and perception in a practical manner. The central question is how or whether ways of story-telling are in fact generation-specific. The Labs are not about writing or producing plays but about experimental approaches, where the individual artistic practice is confronted by the child's point of view.

Lab I: Claudia Castellucci / Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio (Italy)
Lab II: Richard Maxwell and Sarah Michelson/ New York City Players (USA)
Lab III: PeterLicht and S.E. Struck (Germany)

Presentations: 9 and 10 July at 8pm
Venue: Probebühne, Theater an der Ruhr, Ruhrorter Straße 108 -110, 45478 Mülheim
Organised in cooperation with Theater an der Ruhr, Mülheim
Programme director: Andrea Zagorski

Play Young
International Symposium on Children's Theatre

Story-Telling in Theatre, Film and Literature

9 - 11 Jul 2010

What are the current themes, dramaturgies and aesthetics of children's theatre?
How do children experience theatre? "Play Young" discusses the qualitative, aesthetic and contextual demands made on drama and performance practice by having an audience of six years and above. "Play Young" gathers thoughts from experts from related genres such as film, television, children's literature as well as the sciences in order to take a critical look at the questions being asked by contemporary children's theatre.

Organised by the Children and Young People's Theatre Centre of Germany as well as the German Centre of the International Theatre Institute.
In cooperation with Theater an der Ruhr, Mülheim
Supported by the German Federal Cultural Foundation
Artistic directors: Nina Peters and Andrea Zagorski
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