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With the goal of creating an international information platform for drama and translations of plays, the Finnish Theatre Information Centre (TINFO), London's Gate Theatre, Maison Antoine Vitez in France, the Theater Instituut Nederland (TIN), the German Centre of the International Theatre Institute (ITI Germany) and the Information Centre for Drama in Europe have launched the Internet portal

This initiative was supported as a pilot project with funds from the EU programme "Culture 2000". Following this one-year sponsorship by the EU, in December 2004 the German ITI Centre assumed responsibility for running the service. has been online since March 2005, providing free and searchable information on exchange and translation projects relating to contemporary theater, plays and play translations.

The portal is comprised of two main areas. The first provides information on organizations, theatres and projects dealing with contemporary drama (includes short descriptions and links to the websites of participants). The other area is dedicated to plays and play translations. Users can research translations in various national databases via a central search engine.


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